New Adventures with Camryn Leigh

Well it has been a month since Camryn Leigh Murphy entered the world, and life hasn't slowed down one bit! It seems there is something new or different with her every day - feeding schedule, sleeping hours, spit ups, etc. we have had at least 3 explosions and 3 wet throughs. I'd like to blame it on her being in diaper size limbo.

Every day and night is a new challenge, but it is beginning to feel more rewarding than frustrating. It has been quite the adjustment for Kevin and I. For many reasons, I have had to work through different emotions and challenges to finally see the blessing she is to us.

I will keep this post short, but I wanted to thank everyone for the prayers during pregnancy, labor and currently. If it wasn't for you this journey would have been nearly impossible to accept and conquer. You will never know how much I have needed every thought and prayer given.

We are blessed. 

Goodnight :)


Good night and good morning, all the same to me!

It has been two weeks since I remember sleeping while the sun is sleeping. Aside from the frequent bathroom runs, I would be able to crawl in bed and know I would sleep until I was too hungry to put off breakfast any longer. Well, the times have changed. I sleep about 2 hours when I first fall asleep, waking up every hour to use the facilities, and then I am wide awake for the next 5 hours. Okay, it wasn't so bad at first. At first, I would only be awake 2-3 hours. But as the week progressed, the hours of being awake grew. I now have a tv schedule I follow each night from 1 AM until 6 AM. I, then, eat breakfast with Kevin and then crawl in bed and end up falling asleep around 8 or 9 AM.

Some may have seen me asking for help on Facebook. With permission from my doctor, I tried taking Benadryl a few times. It worked the first night to put me back to sleep when I would wake up during the night. The next night, back to my old routine. Another night I used it to rid my stuffy nose and head.  Worked for that, but I was still awake.

Now, some of you may say,  "It's preparing you for baby!" But, I'm thinking that's not quite the case. At least I will have a reason to be awake, when she gets here, and I will be tired enough to sleep when I can. But being awake for 5+ hours at night not being tired is a different story...I think.

By this point I'm sleep deprived and moody in the afternoons. I have had a few nights of tears of frustration. I do not look forward to two more weeks of this..

Each doctor's visit is closer to this being over!! 

We are more than ready to meet RynLeigh and begin a new routine, be it sleeping only an hour at a time or just learning the ups and downs of parenthood. So, here's to sleepless nights, high blood pressure, swollen and aching hands and knuckles! It will all go away in a matter of weeks.

38 weeks. 2 weeks to go. September 12.