Adventures are happening!

Sorry I skipped posts. This new job really takes time away from everything that has nothing to school. But, I will complete my Before and After blog!
Before I do that... I will be capturing the sights of Washington D.C.!!! Kevin and I are heading to the Capitol this weekend.

And I'm sorry to say, but not sorry it is, I won't post next week because my mom, aunt, and grandma are coming to town! We will have our own adventures to Johnson's Corner Farm, McGuire Air Force Base, Philadelphia, and the countryside.

Be sure to check back in a couple weeks for these new flights of this part of our life!

Happy Fall :)


Life Goes on Without Facebook, Y'all.

I have been Facebook-less for two weeks now.... and so far, I'm not suffering!! I have not once thought about how much I wish I could just sign-in against my decision. I have not once wondered who is currently on News Feed. I have my many reasons for deciding to "unsubscribe" my account, and I am still standing behind those reasons.
Even though I am not in-deep with whats going on with friends -- and people I haven't spoken to in years (reason number 1) -- I still feel that I can connect and be in contact with those that need to know about me and me with them. What happened to having a personal life?? Too many young adults my age put so much on facebook, about their parents, about their boyfriends, about their deep struggles, that I feel like I am exposed to more than an outside person should be. Maybe when I grow up a bit, and my "friends" have gotten past the dramatic issues that the early- to mid-twenties bring, I will join this site social media again. If information is important enough for my friends to know, you better believe I will get to ASAP via text, call, or face-to-face!
Facebook is changing, y'all. I joined Facebook when I was a Junior in high school. Even then, I jumped on the bandwagon late. I was never one to do whats "popular" or "in style," so I waited until a bit later. Back then, you had to be a part of a network to be on Facebook. I remember I needed to be invited by someone from a network to even HAVE an account. So, I kindly asked my twin brother if he would invite me to join the Pearland High School network so that I could have my own Facebook account. He did just that! Now, kids are allowed on Facebook at age 13, if not younger. Anyone can join, anyone can create an account, anyone can creep on you or the world (enter reason number 2).
When I deactivated my account, they ask you to give a reason as to why you are leaving. My response was, "I am being made to do things I do not want to do. I enjoyed Facebook when it was simpler." Eventually, I had posts from my account that said I "liked" this organization or that, and changed my privacy settings when it updated. Not to mention the whole TIMELINE thing! I don't like to be made to do things. Ask, and maybe I'll come around. Give me simple; that's all I need.

I tell you this because I have decided to BLOG more! Because I don't have Facebook to keep friends and family and viewers (which I think most fall into the first two categories, for now) informed, I am going to write about the fun and big things that are happening! For now, I am planning on blogging on Mondays, so check in from time to time.

Come back on Monday to see how we have made living in New Jersey a bit more comfy! :)

It's time to share our HOME with you!!