Tastefully Simple

This evening my mom hosted a Tastefully Simple party. For those of you who are not familiar, these parties are tastings of food products that are made with the mix plus one or two additional ingredients. The added ingredients are simple, and probably in your kitchen pantry or refrigerator! So, in lieu of dinner, we had a tasting of all sorts of dips, cheese balls, breads, sauces, and desserts! I forgot to take pictures during the actual event, but we had 20+ guests and over 20 samples of different foods!

Each guest was given a brochure and order form. Below is a picture of the brochure from tonight. It has items highlighted for the time of year, which always sound wonderful.

Inside this booklet, I took a couple pictures of items I am requesting to order. One is a new bread called Tuscan Tomato Focaccia Bread. It was delicious! The other is something we didn't try, but I am interested in giving it a shot ;) Their Samba Sangria Slush looks and sounds delicious! Pictures have a bit of a glare, but it looks delicious, any way.

In these brochures are SO many more great products. What I'm most excited about is the little gift I received after the smoke cleared...

My neighbor, the woman that heads all of this, gave me this as a wedding gift!! These are 6 of their best selling spices. She told me that there are thousands of recipes to see online, for ideas of how to use these! I'm not sure how I'm going to get them on the plane without going over my 50 lb limit, but I'll make it work!

That's all for now. It's time to video chat with my hubby!

Eat well, y'all.

Hello, and Welcome!

Well, I've joined everyone in the blogging world. I'm hoping to post current pictures, write about my New Jersey road trips, and fill everyone up to date with different adventures we take! Hang in there with me; it may take me a while to get going. But, I already have plans on a possible post tonight from my mom's Tastefully Simple party! Stay tuned!

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