Good night and good morning, all the same to me!

It has been two weeks since I remember sleeping while the sun is sleeping. Aside from the frequent bathroom runs, I would be able to crawl in bed and know I would sleep until I was too hungry to put off breakfast any longer. Well, the times have changed. I sleep about 2 hours when I first fall asleep, waking up every hour to use the facilities, and then I am wide awake for the next 5 hours. Okay, it wasn't so bad at first. At first, I would only be awake 2-3 hours. But as the week progressed, the hours of being awake grew. I now have a tv schedule I follow each night from 1 AM until 6 AM. I, then, eat breakfast with Kevin and then crawl in bed and end up falling asleep around 8 or 9 AM.

Some may have seen me asking for help on Facebook. With permission from my doctor, I tried taking Benadryl a few times. It worked the first night to put me back to sleep when I would wake up during the night. The next night, back to my old routine. Another night I used it to rid my stuffy nose and head.  Worked for that, but I was still awake.

Now, some of you may say,  "It's preparing you for baby!" But, I'm thinking that's not quite the case. At least I will have a reason to be awake, when she gets here, and I will be tired enough to sleep when I can. But being awake for 5+ hours at night not being tired is a different story...I think.

By this point I'm sleep deprived and moody in the afternoons. I have had a few nights of tears of frustration. I do not look forward to two more weeks of this..

Each doctor's visit is closer to this being over!! 

We are more than ready to meet RynLeigh and begin a new routine, be it sleeping only an hour at a time or just learning the ups and downs of parenthood. So, here's to sleepless nights, high blood pressure, swollen and aching hands and knuckles! It will all go away in a matter of weeks.

38 weeks. 2 weeks to go. September 12.