The Perfect Storm - Sandy

Well, I do agree with my friend Kacie Lester when she says that I bring Texas storms wherever I go. First in Arkansas, with the terrible storms that brought us tornadoes, now to New Jersey. Last year, our area had the first hurricane in many years -- Irene. And now... We are looking at 3 big threats to hit us all at once.

I didn't realize how bad this storm could become until yesterday in the lunch room at work. It's funny how teachers have such a talent for covering about 10 topics in span of our 30 minute lunch. From nuns to The Notebook to inappropriate swim suits to hurricanes, we covered a lot of important issues yesterday!! When we landed the conversation of hurricanes, one of the teachers shared an article she had read about this storm. It is said to be like the Perfect Storm of 1991 that hit the coast of New England.

**Side Note: NBC10 is on TV as I type. It says Sandy is targeting the span of New York through Central New Jersey and down to Delaware. THAT'S ME!! Right now it is a Category 1 and may weaken before it gains strength again before it hits land. They are beginning to do Mandatory Evacuations for Cape May by Monday night. Philly is expecting 10 inches or more of rain. Mayor Nutter has told high flood plain areas to leave by 2 o'clock today. Not only coastal rains, but we are also going to be hit with inland rains.**

This article calls Sandy "Frankenstorm," because of the heavy rain, snow, high winds, and extreme tides. The harsh weather could extend even past Halloween... It could be a very wet Trick-or-Treating night. Sandy will be hitting around the time of a Full Moon, which is not only fitting and spooky but it also means that Sandy will be hitting when the tides are close to their highest. This threat makes the accumulation of rain greater than if it were to hit any other time. There are cool front systems coming in from Canada, as well as another cool front coming from Ohio.

We could have the combination of a SUMMER storm with the air and possibly SNOW of WINTER!! Something just didn't seem right about seeing snow during a Hurricane. That happens in Texas, right??

It's funny to hear that the beaches I go to OFTEN in the summer are preparing to evacuate. Understand, I live only an hour inland from the shoreline. Long Beach Island talks about having to do a Mandatory Evacuation. (Heather and Mom, that is where we went when you came to visit this summer.)

We went grocery shopping yesterday to get a few things - Water, bread, tuna, Halloween candy... :) The water shelves were almost completely empty. We checked our battery supply and matches. Kevin ran out to try to find some extra batteries and possibly a bigger light source than my decorative candles. Grocery stores usually restock on Saturday nights (tonight), so we may try to go back out tonight to find some other necessities.

I will be sure to keep you updated and posted of how everything is progressing. Hopefully we won't lose power. If we do, don't worry, I will find a way to let you know everything is okay :)

Until next time... Beware of Frankenstorm!!


A Tale of Two Cities

You Texas guys know what it means to be prepared. We'll be staying closely in touch and pray that you are high and dry through it all. Keeping our fingers crossed that power stays on for you!


I understand from Kim that you are OK. So glad.

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