Speaking of new adventures...

Kevin has surprised me with a fun birthday event. He told me we are going skydiving! How do I feel about it? Three years ago when I told him I wanted to do it someday, I was stoked! Now, I think I may throw up tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. When I make it down alive, I promise to be a better post-er. But for now, I must try to sleep before I get all worked up!

Small updates:

Washington D.C. pictures coming soon!

Having my family here was a lot of fun. We went to Johnson's Corner Farm and picked apples and pumpkins. We grabbed a wonderful homemade pie and fresh cornbread! Yum! After that, we had some lunch and made our way to New Hope, PA. What a cute little town it is! But the best part came when we drove a bit further to Peddlers Village. There were fun, cute shops surrounding islands of greenery and fall decorations. It provided benches, caged birds and rabbits for those that took a break from shopping. So cute!
Other days we hit up the malls and spent way too much money!

Wonderful being surrounded by my mom, aunt and Mama Rue! Forever memories!

I keep saying I am going to do a Before and After blog, but I keep adding more to our house! Maybe I'll pause and call it Before and Present. I decided to put it off no more! I will take updated pictures of our house and begin the blog once Parent-Teacher Conferences are over :).

Talk to you soon, because I will not accept any other outcome from our Free Falling trip tomorrow!

Good night :)


A Tale of Two Cities

We loved out adventures in NJ with you! Can't wait to come back!


Are you still alive and kicking? How was the fall?

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